Agro Phos India Limited

PROM - Organic Fertilisers

PROM is an organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus, including bio particles, rock phosphate, and organic debris, which collectively enhance various soil factors. It is effective even on hard & heavy black soil. PROM enriches soil fertility naturally. It acts as basic nutritional food for soil when sowing and improves the soil structure. The presence of Phosphorus, Nitrogen & Organic Carbon helps to keep the luster/moisture of soil, and the presence of organic carbon helps to improve the efficiency of crop growth as well as prevents land from being acidic & toxic. It enhances the water holding capacity of soil and improves overall productivity. PROM is typically applied before planting or as a side dressing during the growing season, tailored to meet specific crop phosphorus requirements, making it a versatile choice for enhancing overall crop yield and quality.

It serves as an organic alternative to the chemical and inorganic fertilizer diammonium phosphate (DAP).

The product is sold by our Company under the Brand name “Krishi Samridhi”.