Agro Phos India Limited

Potash (PDM)

Potash Derived From Molasses Fertilizer is a potassium rich fertilizer derived from ash in molasses based distilleries is a by-product of sugar based ethanol industry. It consists of Spent Wash Ash with a minimum potassium oxide (K2O) content of 23%, blended with bentonite powder at a specific ratio.

Through fermentation and crystallization, the potassium content in molasses is concentrated and extracted, typically in the form of potassium carbonate or potassium chloride. This natural and sustainable source of potassium is primarily used in agriculture to enhance plant growth, improve crop yield, and correct potassium deficiencies in soil. It supports organic farming practices
It serves as an organic alternative to the chemical and inorganic fertilizer Muriate of Potassium (MOP) fertiliser.

The product is sold by our Company under the Brand name “Krishi Samridhi”